Episode 1: Kamila Tan – Beach Volleyball Athlete – Resilience Through An Eating Disorder

Kamila Tan - Beach Volleyball - WellU Mental Training Podcast

In episode 1, we dive into the compelling story of Kamila Tan and her courageous journey of competing at the collegiate and pro level, as she grapples with an eating disorder that brings her love and passion of beach volleyball to a life and death situation. Tune in now!

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Episode 2: Dr. Russ Reinbolt – Ultra Marathon Runner – Motivated on a Mission

Dr. Russ Reinbolt - Ultra Marathon Runner - Motivated on a Mission

Dr Russ Reinbolt – Ultra Marathon Runner – Motivated on a MissionIn this episode, Dr. Russ Reinbolt shares what drives him in his pursuit of the perfect “unbreakable” ultra marathon race.  Discover the importance of athletic motivation from a deep intrinsic level that inspires this ER doctor to pursue extreme success. Tune in now!

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Episode 3: Ron Smith – Collegiate Football Student Athlete – Principles and Awareness of Self

In this episode, we dive into Ron Smith’s journey on becoming a San Diego State University cornerback and how his approach in sport has led him to the life he lives now. Growing up as a multisport athlete, Ron loved the sense of community and family that sport brought. His father taught him the importance of motivation and persistence in order to excel and achieve his goals both in football and academics. Crushing the stereotypes of football players, Ron has become a three-time scholar athlete and earned the President’s Award for high athletic and high academic excellence. Ron is now a PE Teacher, Athletic Director, and Football Coach and passes on his values and principles of the importance of community in sport. Tune in now!

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Book referenced in the interview:

The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey

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